Our Mission

Camp Zion Foundational Statements


Camp Zion’s stakeholders are individuals or groups who invest time, talent, treasure or credibility without expectation of personal monetary return. 

  • Founder and Legal Owner – Christ Community Church of Zion

  • Donors

  • Volunteers

  • Taxpayers (as in the government granting not-for-profit organizations tax-exempt status)

Core Values

We value:

  • our heritage, the vision of founders, and the need to continue their progressive innovation;

  • the call to challenge one another, and those we serve, to love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength, and our neighbors as ourselves;

  • the presentation of the Gospel to all campers and guests;

  • God-honoring, outdoor oriented, creative and fun programming;

  • our core team of committed, trained and caring staff who are believers in Jesus Christ;

  • the natural environment;

  • the use of volunteers in a variety of support roles;

  • our campers and guests as our priority during their stay;

  • the provision of a safe, secure, and clean setting;

  • maintaining a positive relationship with the surrounding community.

Primary Beneficiary

Churches & Organizations


(Ultimate End)

Churches partnering with Camp Zion: 

  • share core values with Camp Zion;

  • develop the camping experience with Camp Zion staff;

  • provide staff, as needed, to assist Camp Zion staff and volunteers during the camping experience;

  • provide year-round programming that supports and further develops the experiences of individuals participating in the Camp Zion camps,

  • promote campers returning to Camp Zion in successive years.

Organizations and groups partnering with Camp Zion:

  • willingly comply with the core values of Camp Zion;

  • respect the settings and facilities;

  • hear the Gospel in various ways that may lead to a life change for participants.


Supplement the ministries of churches and other organizations by providing camping and retreat experiences that help participating individuals find and grow a relationship with God.