New Packages Policy

Please know that in 2019, we have changed our package policy, and no longer give out packages. Please DO write happy letters, but do not send packages.

Why? Several reasons:

  1. Your letters from home mean a lot to your child! We encourage you to write letters that talk to your child more about camp than about home (to prevent homesickness.) Cards and envelopes no larger than a 9x12 envelope are encouraged, but food allergies prohibit the sending of candy/food.

  2. Some campers have allergies that could be severely impacted by the contents of a package being opened in the cabin.

  3. We simply do not have space in the office to store packages. Number of packages arriving has multiplied significantly.

  4. Handing out packages takes a very long time, and reduces the amount of time available for FUN! We would rather that campers have more time to do the kinds of recreational activities that make camp such a great place to be.

  5. We want to be sensitive to the fact that some kids do not receive packages .

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.

Camp Zion